FinBro Hi Compression Race Piston


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RACE PISTON: New 125cc Dome Race piston for the Honda Grom. Shorter reach plug is included due to high compression piston. 

Honda Grom stock compression: 9.3:1

FinBro 125 Dome Race Piston: 12.1

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Piston shipped with new gasket set for base and head and also new wrist pin with clips to replace OEM components. 

Increase your torque and HP across the power band with the most compression available with our Dome Race 125cc piston. Raising your compression to 12.1 from the standard 9.3:1 will help you have the edge when up against other 125cc and other smaller BBKs. 

Compliment this piston with the FinBro 125 head to help the engine breath and the NEW FinBro 125 camshaft.

*95 octane is recommended to fight against detonation. Adding some octane booster at every fill up will also combat detonation if 95 octane is not available in your area. Also adding extra base gaskets is another option. 

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