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FinBro modified OEM Honda oil pump pick up More pumps arriving shortly, place order now to guarantee yourself one.


Complete Engine Standalone Computer for all FinBro BBKs and all FinBro engines. Very positive success when used on the 125cc engine with multiple upgraded modifications along with the proper PCX150 injector Has been found to also work with other manufacturer 2v and 4v BBKs when paired with a larger injector and OR upgrading to a larger fuel line if more...

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Honda part number OEM 16450-KZY-701 6-Hole injector 


The recommended clutch springs for all FinBro engines

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BBK enthusiasts and future builders should know how fast this roller breaks down. In some cases just with 500 miles of runtime with more powerful 4V heads and even stock engines.


STREET PISTON: New 125cc Flat Top piston for the Honda Grom.  Honda Grom stock compression: 9.3:1 FinBro 125 Flat Top Street Piston: 10:5

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RACE PISTON: New 125cc Dome Race piston for the Honda Grom. Shorter reach plug is included due to high compression piston.  Honda Grom stock compression: 9.3:1 FinBro 125 Dome Race Piston: 12.1

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6 hole injector with support pieces to install on Grom/MSX


FinBro camshaft for the 125cc Honda Grom/MSX125


Honda Grom/MSX125 oil spinner socket

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