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Grom/MSX 125 upgraded head.

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235cc FinBro complete engine swap package for the Honda Grom/MSX125. With 6 month warranty.


FinBro complete 204cc 4v engine package. With 6 month warranty.


Everything you need from a 34mm TB down to the clutch springs to transfer power to the rear wheel. FinBro ECM and 10 hole injector is included for turn key start and ride after professional installation. No maps, no laptops, no tuning needed.


RACE PISTON: New 125cc Dome Race piston for the Honda Grom. Shorter reach plug is included due to high compression piston.  Honda Grom stock compression: 9.3:1 FinBro 125 Dome Race Piston: 12.1


STREET PISTON: New 125cc Flat Top piston for the Honda Grom.  Honda Grom stock compression: 9.3:1 FinBro 125 Flat Top Street Piston: 10:5


Honda Grom/MSX 125 New 125cc SuperHead


Honda Grom/MSX125 upgraded larger fuel line


125cc SuperStock Street kit for Honda Grom/MSX125.


FinBro modified OEM Honda oil pump pick up More pumps arriving shortly, place order now to guarantee yourself one.

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